Liz Attewell...

Liz AttewellHello, my name is Liz Attewell and this web site is all about me and Multiple Sclerosis.

I have been free from any symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis for 22 Years. I feel entitled to shout this out loud so that others similarly afflicted may hear.

I was born in 1954 and in 1983 I was told that I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. In actual fact this had been discovered much earlier when I was 15 and was diagnosed as having L’hermit syndrome which unfortunately leads more often than not to full blown MS.

Between 1983 and 1990 I experienced many attacks of MS, symptoms ranging from blurred vision, an extremely unsteady gait that necessitated my using a walking stick, a feeling like my torso was encased in a constricting band of concrete, lethargy depression and tiredness that would mean many days and weeks of rest, numbness of my arms and legs, tingling and itching that might mean I scratched myself so hard it bled.

Lizzie Newspaper ArticleThen I met John Devereux and in 1991 I completed the Brecon 10 mile road race and now some 22 years later I am publishing the story of my journey to health and freedom.

John, who treated me so amazingly successfully and I began to write the story of how we defeated Multiple Sclerosis quite a few years ago, and we are pleased to be offering it to the world now in printed and digital formats.

I now live in Somerset and work as a nurse, I have been a Substance misuse counsellor, been married twice to two wonderful men and given birth to my utterly fabulous son who is now 29.

My journey to health happiness and freedom has included homeopathy, spiritual healing, reiki, meditation and Yoga. Symptom free for over 22 years…. How’s that for Remission?

John Devereux...

John retired from 'alternative health' practice in the United Kingdom in 2006 being unable to be committed to his clients due to spending 8 months of the year between Sicily where he mostly resides, and Australia where he spends time doing various research projects.


John wishes to re-iterate that:

'THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET TO CURE MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. Liz Attewell's recovery was due to her remarkable fortitude in obeying my strict rules over diet, natural medication and supplementation, mental gymnastics, and emotional relief. I know that it was not easy for her, but in the end Lizzie 'cured' herself.'