This true story concerns the ever unfolding road to freedom and the strange events that occur along the way. It’s a story about how one person, Liz Attewell who with the help of homeopathy overcame her version of multiple sclerosis and has lived the past twenty two years symptom free.

Starting at childhood, it follows Liz through the complexities of growing up, and the affect that developing symptoms had on her way of life.

“my symptoms grew steadily worse; writing was becoming increasingly difficult due to an inability to control my hands properly”

It tells of the emotional rollercoaster she felt at discovering she had MS, and of her quest to learn as much as she could about it.

“still lying down I felt devastated and unable to ask any of the millions of questions that were buzzing in my head”

This story is brimming with many fascinating facts about multiple sclerosis gathered during her struggle to find answers. It contains numerous quotes from revered medical experts and includes excerpts from articles and studies on related topics like stress and viruses. It follows her attempts to find a cure.

“I followed a saturated fat free diet and gave blood regularly, I endured the inevitable series of neurological tests and even underwent yet another lumbar puncture all for the benefit of research but noticed little improvement”

It tells how she eventually turns to spiritual healing, giving a detailed insight into her experiences including documented transcripts of meetings with John Devereux. It explains different remedies such as Sepia, Natrum Muriaticum and Causticum and follows her life as she benefits from these alternate ways of thinking.

“I felt a different person, gone were my phobias and problems, gone my worries and concerns. I could see straight and think clearly; I had never felt better in my life”

“MS – A Healing Experience” is for anyone who is or has been affected by multiple sclerosis and / or is interested in complementary therapies and homeopathy."